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Check Out These Fun Diesel Cars – High MPG / High MPH

Fun Diesel Cars – High MPG / High MPH Did you know that the EPA has calculated that if only one-third of the vehicles on American roads ran on clean diesel, the U.S. would use 1.5 million fewer barrels of oil each day. Remember, that’s barrels, not gallons! Would we be subjected to lifetime of […]

Obama Car Czar to Kill Performance Cars?

As a condition of grazing at the public trough, Congress will be appointing a “Car Czar” to oversee the U.S. auto industry. As with many projects undertaken by Congress, there is a great chance the effort will be misguided and the execution flawed. Will the incoming Czar know anything about the auto industry they’ll be […]

New Car Incentives – You Can Really Save Some Money on Your Next Car

As Automakers are struggling to stem their cash burn rate and stay in business, they are offering some truly fantastic incentives to get conusmers into new vehicles. 2 for 1 cars anyone?? Not yet, but there are some fantastic buys available. Most dealers say that, despite the well publicised financing problems, there is financing to […]

GM to Ditch Saturn, Saab, Pontiac, and Hummer?

Many reports are circulating that General Motors is strongly considering “shedding” 4 of their brands; Saab, Saturn, Hummer, and Pontiac, in an attempt to return to profitability. They’ve been trying to rid themselves of Hummer for quite some time. If there were no takers when gas was expensive, one may step up now that it’s […]

Higher Federal Fuel Taxes for All

Today is the day executives from the Big 3 Detroit automakers; Ford, GM and Chrylser go to see Congress, hat in hand, to ask for more money. In exchange for this largess, they’ll be told what kind of cars they need focus on in the future. What do members of Congress know about the auto […]

How Will President Barack Obama Change What You Drive?

America has a new President, Barack Obama, who has a very different set of ideals and views than those that have come before him. Weather you agree or disagree with him, he is our President, and as was his mantra throughout his election, change is on his agenda. That change may extend into all facets […]

Why is Diesel More Expensive Than Gas?

Why is diesel more expensive than gas? If you’ve priced diesel fuel recently, you’re well aware of the reason why, while the fuel mileage of diesel vehicles may kick the crap out of a gasoline powered vehicle in most cases, the overall fuel economy, once the higher price of diesel fuel is taken into account,  […]

Why Does a Diesel Engine Get Better Fuel Economy than a Gas Engine?

Just why does a Diesel engine get better fuel economy than a gas engine? Well, they work differently and burn different fuel, for starters. A gasoline engine uses a spark ignition system and a Diesel engine uses the heat created by a very high compression ratio to ignite the fuel. There is actually work underway, […]

Do You Believe the Gas Mileage Claims in Advertising? The Case of Splitfire Spark Plugs (and more)

The Splitfire spark plugs are still being made and sold by Old World Industries, Inc., Northbrook, IL. They rose to prominence because of their unique center electrode, which did its forked, snake-tongue impression. The thinking was that electrode design would lead to more complete combustion. When you visit their site today however, you’ll notice that […]

Credit Card Gas Rebates – How to Get the Biggest Rebate

You can save money on gas by buying your gas with a credit card that gives you a rebate for gas purchases. These rebates can be upwards of 6%, depending on which rewards card you choose. Unlike a decade or so ago, many consumers eschew the using an oil company gas card in favor of […]

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