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New Car Incentives – You Can Really Save Some Money on Your Next Car

As Automakers are struggling to stem their cash burn rate and stay in business, they are offering some truly fantastic incentives to get conusmers into new vehicles. 2 for 1 cars anyone?? Not yet, but there are some fantastic buys available. Most dealers say that, despite the well publicised financing problems, there is financing to […]

Why is Diesel More Expensive Than Gas?

Why is diesel more expensive than gas? If you’ve priced diesel fuel recently, you’re well aware of the reason why, while the fuel mileage of diesel vehicles may kick the crap out of a gasoline powered vehicle in most cases, the overall fuel economy, once the higher price of diesel fuel is taken into account,  […]

Used Cars for Cheap – How to Buy a Good One

Buying a used car for cheap, especially one that saves gas, is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Well, let’s revise that a bit. People dream of buying a used car for cheap, but they are afraid of getting a total piece of crap. When you’re trying to buy a car it’s all too […]

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