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One Of These Cars Gets Great Gas Mileage

One of these cars is actually a gas saver. The other two…… Well, they make up for it in other ways! 1969 Camaro RS/SS 350 MPG: 11 combined (approx) 2005 Lotus Elise MPG:  23 city / 27 highway (EPA estimates) 2004 Ferarri F360 Modena: 11 city, 16 highway (EPA Estimates) Then again….. do you really care?

Ford Issues (Its) History’s Biggest Recall – Or is it?

The Ford Motor Car Company, not wanting any of its loyal customers to meet a fiery death, issued a recall for some of it’s vehicles, about 4.5 million (more) of them to be precise. Why more? This recall is actually related to similar recalls in the past, it just expands the scope some. It concerns […]

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