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Driving a Hybrid Vehicle? – How Real People Are Dying for Your Prius

Driving a Hybrid Vehicle? – How Real People Are Dying for Your Prius Are you driving a hybrid vehicle? 10 years ago, Prius ownership was as much about making a statement as saving a few bucks on gas. Now, as fuel prices hover around $3.75 per gallon (except in the northwest, where drivers are shelling […]

New HHO Gas Exotic Car – 40mpg, Near 0 Emissions, But Does it Perform?

In 2008, as gas prices shot through the stratosphere, new gas saving devices came out of the woodwork. One of the more popular was those HHO gas injectors where electrolysis is used to separate hydrogen from water. The resulting gas was then injected into the intake tract along with the air fuel mixture. All manner […]

How Will President Barack Obama Change What You Drive?

America has a new President, Barack Obama, who has a very different set of ideals and views than those that have come before him. Weather you agree or disagree with him, he is our President, and as was his mantra throughout his election, change is on his agenda. That change may extend into all facets […]

What is a Hybrid Car?

What is a hybrid car? Even with the myriad new coverage and the copious advertising for hybrid vehicles, the fact is that many people are unsure what one really is or how hybrids work. As the name suggests a hybrid car (or any other hybrid vehicle) is one that uses a combination of two power […]

A 100mpg Car Could Get You an Easy $10 Million

It’s true. Well, the easy part is a total fabrication, but if you can design and build a 100mpg car that people actually want to buy, you could win the $10 million automotive x-prize. It is the automotive version of the x-prize that got (well funded) private citizen groups everywhere scrambling to be the first […]

– The Chevy Electric Car – Will The 2010 Volt Save Chevrolet?

The Chevy electric car, or more properly, the new Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, and the similar cars its’ success is sure to spawn, is the best chance the General has to return to profitability after an especially bleak quarter. Even GM can’t absorb too many -$15 billion quarters and expect to survive. To be fair […]

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