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Cash For Clunkers – What it is and How it Hurts the Poor

CARS – The Car Allowance Rebate System , or the recently revised name of Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save program, known affectionately as “Cash for Clunkers” by the majority of Americans seems like a great idea at first blush. After all, it can get people in the hard hit auto industry working again, by […]

How We’ll Be Forced To Drive the Most Fuel Efficient Cars – Even if We Don’t Want To

With the recent developments in the auto industry and Federal government, it is clear the current administration would like to see Detroit automakers pursue building more fuel efficient vehicles. In fact, they are mandated to do so by Congress, and it is going to happen sooner, rather than later.  CAFE standards are set to increase […]

Obama Car Czar to Kill Performance Cars?

As a condition of grazing at the public trough, Congress will be appointing a “Car Czar” to oversee the U.S. auto industry. As with many projects undertaken by Congress, there is a great chance the effort will be misguided and the execution flawed. Will the incoming Czar know anything about the auto industry they’ll be […]

Higher Federal Fuel Taxes for All

Today is the day executives from the Big 3 Detroit automakers; Ford, GM and Chrylser go to see Congress, hat in hand, to ask for more money. In exchange for this largess, they’ll be told what kind of cars they need focus on in the future. What do members of Congress know about the auto […]

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