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Chrysler Makes the Ram a New, Independent Brand

Chrysler has decided to make its Dodge car and truck units two independent businesses. Many industry insiders have speculated that this would, in fact happen, and now they have confirmed it. Fred Diaz Jr., formerly Director of the Denver Business Center will be the new head of the RAM brand. Here is Chrysler’s press release: […]

Koenigsegg Automotive buys Saab From GM

Perhaps you’ve heard of Koenigsegg Automotive . They are one of the select few automakers to make a car that goes over 200mph, right off the showroom floor. 806hp will do that for you, you know. Safe to say that while they deliver spectacular performance, gas mileage isn’t their strong suit. Knowing a business opportunity […]

Tesla Electric Car Company Sells Stake to Daimler

Tesla Motors, the car company famous for the Lotus derived electric super sports car, has found one way to deal with it’s cash flow and money problems created in part by founder Elon Musk’s falling in with the wrong management crowd. Such problems in the management have since been remedied, and now Daimler AG comes […]

By Bye Pontiac

Well, GM finally did it. After months of speculation, the General finally decided their most performance oriented brand could last no longer. It make me wonder how much of that was a PC oriented move, and how much of it was based on purely business considerations. When you’re taking so much money from a federal […]

Obama Forces out Waggoner at GM – A Dangerous Trend in American Business?

So, the Obama administration has decided they no longer like having Rick Waggoner as CEO of GM, so he should resign. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the mob “suggesting” that the local shop owner should pay them insurance money because the world is a dangerous place. Now the Obama administration can step in and tell a […]

Porsche is Now the World’s Largest Car Company

With the news this morning that Porsche A.G. increased their stake in VW to a majority, that old saw you always heard that “a Porsche is really just a VW” is ass-backwards. A VW is now a Porsche! So, all you GTI owners that really wanted a 911 are that much closer to your car […]

GM to Ditch Saturn, Saab, Pontiac, and Hummer?

Many reports are circulating that General Motors is strongly considering “shedding” 4 of their brands; Saab, Saturn, Hummer, and Pontiac, in an attempt to return to profitability. They’ve been trying to rid themselves of Hummer for quite some time. If there were no takers when gas was expensive, one may step up now that it’s […]

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