Monthly Archives: January 2009

Auto Manufacturer’s New 0% Financing Offers

As the economy grinds ever more slowly, auto manufacturers scramble to bring whatever incentives they can in an attmept to generate more business. Recently, auto manfacturers fom Japan to Detroit have unleashed powerful, new incetives in an attmept to entice Joe and Joesphene consumer into the dealership. Here are some of the better low and […]

New HHO Gas Exotic Car – 40mpg, Near 0 Emissions, But Does it Perform?

In 2008, as gas prices shot through the stratosphere, new gas saving devices came out of the woodwork. One of the more popular was those HHO gas injectors where electrolysis is used to separate hydrogen from water. The resulting gas was then injected into the intake tract along with the air fuel mixture. All manner […]

Porsche is Now the World’s Largest Car Company

With the news this morning that Porsche A.G. increased their stake in VW to a majority, that old saw you always heard that “a Porsche is really just a VW” is ass-backwards. A VW is now a Porsche! So, all you GTI owners that really wanted a 911 are that much closer to your car […]

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