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Why is Diesel More Expensive Than Gas?

Why is diesel more expensive than gas? If you’ve priced diesel fuel recently, you’re well aware of the reason why, while the fuel mileage of diesel vehicles may kick the crap out of a gasoline powered vehicle in most cases, the overall fuel economy, once the higher price of diesel fuel is taken into account,  […]

Why Does a Diesel Engine Get Better Fuel Economy than a Gas Engine?

Just why does a Diesel engine get better fuel economy than a gas engine? Well, they work differently and burn different fuel, for starters. A gasoline engine uses a spark ignition system and a Diesel engine uses the heat created by a very high compression ratio to ignite the fuel. There is actually work underway, […]

Barak Obama – Separated at Birth

Separated at Birth? Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama ……… Does he go fast on weekends? Or Maybe outspoken GM Exec Bob Lutz could be….. Related to……………. And, is it possible that F1 driver Robert Kubica is actually………. The secret identity of ………… Who knows? Until next time…………………

Do You Believe the Gas Mileage Claims in Advertising? The Case of Splitfire Spark Plugs (and more)

The Splitfire spark plugs are still being made and sold by Old World Industries, Inc., Northbrook, IL. They rose to prominence because of their unique center electrode, which did its forked, snake-tongue impression. The thinking was that electrode design would lead to more complete combustion. When you visit their site today however, you’ll notice that […]

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