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Credit Card Gas Rebates – How to Get the Biggest Rebate

You can save money on gas by buying your gas with a credit card that gives you a rebate for gas purchases. These rebates can be upwards of 6%, depending on which rewards card you choose. Unlike a decade or so ago, many consumers eschew the using an oil company gas card in favor of […]

What is a Hybrid Car?

What is a hybrid car? Even with the myriad new coverage and the copious advertising for hybrid vehicles, the fact is that many people are unsure what one really is or how hybrids work. As the name suggests a hybrid car (or any other hybrid vehicle) is one that uses a combination of two power […]

Used Cars for Cheap – How to Buy a Good One

Buying a used car for cheap, especially one that saves gas, is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Well, let’s revise that a bit. People dream of buying a used car for cheap, but they are afraid of getting a total piece of crap. When you’re trying to buy a car it’s all too […]

Festival of Frugality – Editor’s Pick

My post on Why the Mercedes Smart Car may actually be a dumb idea received an Editors’s Pick over at this week’s Festival of Frugality, the 143rd edition of that fine blog carnival. Thanks LAL!

Best Gas Mileage Vehicles to Buy if You Have a Large Family

There a many cars that get great gas mileage. Many are even affordable, fun to drive, and reliable too. The problem is that if you need transportation for a family of 6 or more, many of these vehicles just don’t cut it. A Mini Cooper S may be a great car for the daily commute […]

The Best Gas Mileage Cars – The Top Technologies Used to Get Better Fuel Mileage

Making the best gas mileage cars is at the forefront of every auto manufacturer’s agenda these days. Big trucks and full sized SUVs languish on auto dealer’s lots throughout the country, as consumers look for something that will save them money on gas, rather than draining their 401k to fill their tank. Car manufacturers have […]

Making Home Biodiesel – Will Your Home Biodiesel Reactor Squeeze Big Oil?

Biodiesel is simply making diesel fuel out of biomatter. The great thing about using biomatter to make diesel fuel is that it’s renewable. Essentially, you need more fuel, you just grow more! The fact that diesel vehicles tend to get better fuel economy (not gas mileage) than their gasoline powered counterparts is just icing on […]

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