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The 5 Best Cheap Used Cars to Buy If You’re Trying to Save Gas

If high gas prices have hit you right in your (too thin) wallet, you may be thinking about finding a good, cheap, used car to rack up the endless miles to and from work every day. Just as declining sales of big SUVs and pickups have have some car dealers’ hair coming out in huge […]

Mercedes Smart Car – Smart Car, Dumb Idea??

The Smart ForTwo, built by Mercedes as an ecologically responsible answer to the world’s environmental and gas problems is tiny, gets good gas mileage, and takes up little space. It is so smart it even has smart in its name; since it is Smart ForTwo, it’s presumably twice as smart. But, is it really, or […]

How to Improve Diesel Fuel Economy for Your Truck or Car

As diesel fuel hovers between $4.50 and $4.95 a gallon, knowing how to improve diesel fuel economy is likely right at the top of your list, weather you drive a new Diesel Jetta TDI or a Chevy 2500 with a Duramax. If you are averaging over 40mpg in your new Jetta TDI, you may not […]

The Best 3 Car Modifications to Increase Fuel Mileage

Do you want to increase fuel mileage? You’re not alone, because even as fuel prices are falling, the subject of lowering fuel costs is still very much on everyone’s mind. The best way to lower your fuel costs is your optimizing your driving style to increase your fuel mileage. On the chance you already drive […]

A 100mpg Car Could Get You an Easy $10 Million

It’s true. Well, the easy part is a total fabrication, but if you can design and build a 100mpg car that people actually want to buy, you could win the $10 million automotive x-prize. It is the automotive version of the x-prize that got (well funded) private citizen groups everywhere scrambling to be the first […]

– Top 12 Cars With the Best Gas Mileage That are Actually Fun to Drive

It’s pretty easy to find the cars with the best gas mileage. You only need look at the U.S. government EPA numbers. It’s there in black and white for all to see. What’s not so easy to find are the cars that get good gas mileage that are actually fun to drive. If you’re one […]

– The Chevy Electric Car – Will The 2010 Volt Save Chevrolet?

The Chevy electric car, or more properly, the new Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, and the similar cars its’ success is sure to spawn, is the best chance the General has to return to profitability after an especially bleak quarter. Even GM can’t absorb too many -$15 billion quarters and expect to survive. To be fair […]

How to Save Gas Tips – The Master List

How to save gas is on everyone’s mind, even as gas prices have declined over the last week or so, down to, WOW! about $3.98 a gallon. What’s the best way to save gas? Don’t drive, of course. For the rest of us (those of that have to get to work, the kid’s soccer practice, […]

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